Dan makes move from finance to forensics

Wednesday 18 July 2012

A former banking officer is stepping into the world of forensic science after graduating with a first-class degree from Staffordshire University. Graduate Daniel Ward spent two years working for a high street bank before deciding he wanted to replace loans and mortages with fingerprint analysis and advanced DNA profiling.

Daniel said: “I developed an interest in science generally but I wanted to make sure which ever course I chose would interest me over the three years. “You have to really love what are you are doing to get the best out of it and I'm so glad all the hard work has paid off.”

Daniel, 29, who lives in Coventry, says the course provided him with an extensive knowledge of court and law chemistry, drug analysis and crime scene investigations in the university's Crime Scene House - where students investigate simulated crime scenes in a realistic setting.

"Basically, if you have seen it on the C.S.I shows on television we've covered the theory behind it.” Daniel added."

Fiction soon turned into real life practice for Daniel as he undertook a three-month placement as a Forensic Laboratory Technician with West Midlands Police where he investigated real life crime scenes and processed fingerprint analysis.

Graduation from Staffordshire University marks a double celebration for Daniel who has taken his first steps into his new career as an Extractions Technician for the Environmental Scientifics Group.

In his new role Daniel says he is investigating the pollution levels of water supplies through the analysis of organic matter.

"To cross the stage in front of family and friends was a proud moment for me and I am obviously delighted to have earned a job in the field of forensic science."