Mosquitoes on the rampage subject of science public lecture

Friday 19 April 2012

Cutting edge research aimed at reducing the millions of cases of malaria each year is the subject of a free public lecture taking place at Staffordshire University on World Malaria Day.

The World Health Organisation estimates 3.3 billion people around the world are at risk of contracting the disease which killed 660,000 people in 2010 – mostly affecting children under five in Africa.

In her lecture titled 'Mosquitoes on the rampage', Dr Angela Priestman takes a look into the biology of the mosquito – carriers of the Malaria parasite - and identifies the latest scientific developments which aim to control the spread of the disease. The lecture is taking place at the University's Science Centre on Thursday, April 25, at 2pm.

Dr Priestman, Subject leader for Biology and Biomedical Sciences at Staffordshire University, said: “The World Health Assembly called for a 75% reduction in the global malaria burden by 2015 and while the progress is good it could be better, so of course it is very important that we concentrate our focus on the how the disease is transmitted as well as the treatment for the Malaria parasite itself.”

“It’s a very exciting time. We have all the genetic technologies as tools now and so we can sequence genes for the organisms which carry these parasites and I think, among the genetic information, is the answer to how we are going to control these things in the future.”

Entry to the lecture is free but for more details or to reserve a place email or call 01782 295860.